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Ways to Make a Photoshoot with Kids Easier
March 27, 2021

It's a lot of fun to photograph children; they're adorable, naive, and full of surprises! Unfortunately, clicking their photos can be difficult. Kids can be moody and unpredictable. They may even be perplexed as to why taking these meaningful pictures are so important to you in the first place. Here are a few ways to make a photoshoot with kids a lot easier: Be Flexible When it comes to photographing kids, you must always follow their lead....

3 Tips to Photograph Better At Events and Parties
February 16, 2021

Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding festivities, you need someone to click beautiful, candid pictures of everyone to preserve memories. You don’t want the camera lens to miss any bursts of laughter or moment of emotional catharsis as you sit with friends and family. If you’ve hired a professional lifestyle photographer for the event, you’re all set. But if you’re the self-proclaimed photographer, struggling with camera settings to...

How to Make Your COVID Wedding More Special
February 15, 2021

COVID has been a reality check for many. From work routine to socialization, COVID has imposed restrictions on the way we celebrate special occasions, and that includes your big day. You may have dreamt of your wedding as a grand affair where you’d walk down the aisle in a divine ivory dress and say your vows. But the pandemic has changed the way you’ll live that dream now, and not necessarily for the worst. You can still save those fantasies...

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer
February 12, 2021

People can spend months, even years, imagining what their wedding will be like, so it isn’t surprising that when it finally comes down to it, and they have to plan their big day, the process can be incredibly exciting. That said, planning a wedding can be overwhelming and expensive. Getting the perfect dress, arranging your dream venue, the catering, the guests, etc., can all pile up and seem like too much. One of the ways you may think of cutting...

Wedding Photography Myth Busting 101
February 11, 2021

A wedding is a landmark event in the lives of the couple getting married. An event where two people commit to loving and taking care of each other for as long as they’re together is bound to have powerful memories attached to the celebration. So, it only makes sense to want to capture them forever in the form of beautiful and striking photographs that showcase the happiness and connection they share. That said, there can often be a lot of...

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