COVID has been a reality check for many. From work routine to socialization, COVID has imposed restrictions on the way we celebrate special occasions, and that includes your big day.

You may have dreamt of your wedding as a grand affair where you’d walk down the aisle in a divine ivory dress and say your vows. But the pandemic has changed the way you’ll live that dream now, and not necessarily for the worst. You can still save those fantasies and make the most of your wedding day with a positive attitude and a creative mind. Here are some ways to make your COVID wedding special.

Keep It Small

Wedding planning is a hassle because tens of things can go wrong and you’re juggling with too many tasks at a time. Your focus is always on keeping a check on things so that everything happens smoothly without major glitches. But the biggest risk that can ruin your big day is if you or your guests catch the virus from someone.

Your wedding day may still go smoothly but it might bring bad news later on. You don’t want that. That’s why it’s best to shrink the scale of your wedding and make it as small and intimate as possible. That way, you can monitor everything without tearing hair off your head, and enjoy it all along.

Focus on the Little Things

Everybody likes grand gestures—a gown with a long trail, a magnificent church for the wedding, a limousine for the couple—because the inspire awe and admiration. But there’s always something small in wedding décor that pleases your eyes and fulfills your deepest desires. It could be flowers, scented candles, a rustic theme, poetry, or slow music.

The tip to make your COVID wedding special is to focus on those little things. You don’t need to stretch your budget, increase the risk of COVID by having more guests, or order an extensive meal course; you can be the happiest bride with your favorite lilies used in the décor, wearing your mother’s veil in her memory, or engraving your rings with something special.

a couple having their wedding photoshoot

Photograph the Happy Moments

And with a successful wedding bash that leaves you with fond memories, you also need picture proofs of your most special moments. Your wedding album will be a treasure of smiles, tears, laughs, and love that you shared on your big day! You don’t want time to erase those memories from your mind; that’s why we’re here to offer personalized wedding photography services to you in Toronto, CA.

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