People can spend months, even years, imagining what their wedding will be like, so it isn’t surprising that when it finally comes down to it, and they have to plan their big day, the process can be incredibly exciting.

That said, planning a wedding can be overwhelming and expensive. Getting the perfect dress, arranging your dream venue, the catering, the guests, etc., can all pile up and seem like too much. One of the ways you may think of cutting back costs is to forgo the professional wedding photographer and opt for an amateur or a relative with a flashy DSLR camera.

You may lighten the financial burden a bit, but the emotional cost will be too much to bear. Imagine your cousin Stephanie sending you blurry, dark, and grainy photos of your special day. You’ll never have a tangible way to revisit and relive those moments without beautiful photos.

Not convinced? Here’s every reason why you need to hire a professional wedding photographer.

There’s More to Photography Than Good Equipment

Good running shoes don’t make the athlete, nor does an expensive brush make a good painter. In the same way, there is far, far more to photography than a flashy camera. A good wedding photographer will have the skills, the knowledge, the talent, and most importantly the experience required to take stunning photographs in a variety of conditions and settings. They know how to compose various shots and execute them to perfection. The camera doesn’t do this. An amateur will mess up your candid shots and won’t have the necessary experience to help put people at ease and bringing the best out of them for posed shots and formal portraits.

Amateurs Miss the Moment

A wedding is filled to the brim with picture-perfect moments—the ring exchange, the newlyweds’ first kiss, the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, and loads more. The thing about moments, though, is that they come and go in an instant. It takes a lot of skill and experience to anticipate and capture a moment beautifully, skill and experience that you simply won’t find in an amateur photographer.


Remember when we said there’s a lot to photography than cameras and equipment? Well, after all the heavy lifting involved in photographing your wedding, photographers will spend a fair amount of time editing the photos using highly advanced software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

A professional wedding photographer will edit for exposure, color, detail, and a lot more. They’ll airbrush little blemishes you’d rather not have on your wedding day photos and remove that pesky garbage can out of the shot. While it depends on how many photos they’ve taken, professional photographers can take up to 40 hours editing photos.

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